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MaintenanceProgressive Pool Solutions offers year-round maintenance to keep your pool in superior condition. With our weekly upkeep program by our experienced technicians, your pool stays clear and balanced. We take your worries away and keep your pool clean and safe.

Full-service, Weekly Visits

  • Full weekly chemical service to balance your water
  • Empty skimmer and filter baskets
  • Inspect and clean pool filter/backwash at least once a month
  • Brush pool, spa and tiles
  • Net the pool and spa to remove leaves and pollen
  • Vacuum pool as necessary, most weeks for unscreened pools
  • Specialty chemicals (if necessary): We may recommend that specialty chemicals be added to your pool regularly to maintain the integrity of the pool surface. These would include any chemicals not needed to balance the water such as metal removers, phosphate removers, enzymes, etc. We can discuss this with you when needed.

If you haven’t had pool maintenance in a while and your pool has turned green, call us today so we can restore your pool’s balance and get it looking brilliant again.

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